Super business

Super Bowl Sunday is as important to some industries as the holiday shopping season is to others. Some local companies are poised to benefit from the game.

This Sunday, for example, one in seven of us will order take-out; half of those will buy chicken wings. Minneapolis-based Buffalo Chicken Wings is counting on it. A company official told CNBC today, “it’s the most important day of the year.”

But there are 364 others and analysts are fairly cautious about the company.

“There are 500 locations nationwide,” said MKM Partners restaurant analyst Steve Anderson. “Half of those are in the Midwest, and four of the five biggest states where the company has exposure, they have higher-than-average unemployment rates, subprime ARMs and foreclosures.”

Nonetheless, the company has been hot today. Its stock is up more than 11% on the day. closed up nearly 9 percent today.

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