Five at Eight: 4/23/09

Good morning, all. Make it a good day.

  • MinnPost’s David Brauer follows up with Fox 9’s Trish Van Pilsum in what looks to be the final chapter of the journalists-enticing-children story.

    Van Pilsum said she was “shocked” by the reaction to the story, saying that vein of story is commonly done, though Brauer notes:

    But when pressed, Van Pilsum admits she can’t think of an example where the faux luring involved cruising public streets, a tactic that still strikes me as so absurd I can’t believe a news director let it out of the building.

    In the end, Brauer apologizes to Van Pilsum for coming up short in his own reporting. Later, we’ll all get together for a group hug and discuss what we’ve learned.

    (If you’re confused, head over to In the Loop, where Jeff Horwich first reported on this story.)

  • Slate has slideshow up that consists of photographs from the White House’s rotating collection. It starts to get interesting at the halfway point once you start getting to the behind-the-scenes images of nation-running.
  • Speaking of running a country, here’s some kind of dilemma. Jacob Zuma, the man set to become South Africa’s next president will have to choose which of his many wives will be First Lady.
  • For those of you inclined to imbibe, here’s your weekend preparedness headline: Bacon sandwich really does cure a hangover
  • It’s Talk Like Shakespeare Day! Happy 445th, Bill. Best rhyming couplet in the comments wins a shout-out in a post update.