The newest American hero


It’s fairly amazing how many politicians don’t understand that a snowstorm can make — or break — a political career. Mike Dukakis found the former out with his performance during the great blizzard of 1978 (which makes anything this year seem like flurries). Current New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is probably finding out the latter this week.


The governor of New Jersey has spent much of the East Coast blizzard in Florida. He’ll She’ll pay a price for that (Chris Christie was the guy on 60 Minutes last week warning us about the states’ deficit problem)

Meet America’s newest hero — Newark Mayor Cory Booker — who has been tweeting while he’s been out helping his city dig out. He’s been showing up at people’s houses to help shovel, he’s been delivering diapers to someone who tweeted they needed them, he’s been directing city resources based partly on where residents said they were most needed.


Newark, which is about the size of St. Paul, is no paradise, to be sure. But this week it’s got what a lot of people want.