A show of love for a college basketball player with heart

Oh, sports, you can be so good for the soul when you want to be.

Tyler Adams, a Georgetown recruit, had to give up his dream of playing basketball because it was discovered several years ago he had a heart ailment.

But he kept coming to games and being a good teammate — an assistant coach, really.

“He’s someone that has not pouted,” his coach, John Thompson III, said. “He’s someone that has found a way to help this team, to make his teammates better in a totally different way than what any of us envisioned. We just wanted to give him a chance to get back out there.”

Georgetown, to its credit, didn’t pull his scholarship after his heart problem was discovered in 2011.

So yesterday — senior day — he was put in the starting lineup, thanks to a waiver from NCAA.

“I’m really not a person who mourns when bad things happen,” Adams told the Washington Post. “I didn’t want to be that little, sad puppy on the team, not bringing positive energy. I know there’s people in life who have worse issues than I have.”

In a few months, he’ll have something else a lot of college players don’t have: a degree.