Marilyn goes to Culver’s

There are worse ways to start a day than with Grand Forks Herald great Marilyn Hagerty’s restaurant reviews.

You’ll recall she made a national name for herself a few years ago with her review of an Olive Garden restaurant.

But the culinary delight just keeps on coming for the people of Grand Forks and she’s keeping up.

Today, Hagerty takes a taste at Culver’s.

Culver’s is a fun kind of place—especially in the summer and especially for children. They like all the intriguing flavors of frozen custard. And they like deciding whether to have a cone, a sundae, a shake or go full blown with an array of flavors in a “Concrete Mixer.”

I like it for an occasional lunch—the burgers and the soup are good. The salads probably are better choices.

It takes several visits to figure out preferences. The list of choices printed on a big board is long. People tend to develop their favorite orders.

Thursday evenings in summer are some of the busiest for Culver’s. That’s when vintage car collectors and fanciers gather to study the cars that show up for display.