Moorhead couple: No more joy after car crash takes sons

The awful story of the car crash that claimed the lives of Ray and Kathie Kvalvog’s sons certainly stands in sharp contrast to the post we relayed yesterday about the warring couple in a Detroit suburb that seemed to have no problem seeing their three young children carted off to jail because of their divorce dispute.

The story the Moorhead, Minn., couple told the Fargo Forum should make any normal parent pull their children a little bit closer.

Zach, 18, and Connor, 14, died in a crash on I-94 near Fergus Falls last month. They were on their way to a basketball camp in the Wisconsin Dells.

“Our kids were dream kids,” Kathie Kvalvog told the Forum. “They were better people than we are. They definitely would have benefited the world where so many people aren’t contributing … or bringing it down.”

“There’s no joy,” Ray Kvalvog said.

It’s hard to be around happy people or happy things because I’m not happy. We both have worked very hard, but we’ve always thought through hard work you can get anything. The one thing I can’t do, no matter how hard I work anymore, no matter what I do, I cannot bring my boys back.

I can’t ever fix this. Your house burns down, you can get it. Your car … you have this, this or this happen you can be helped. If your child is being bullied you can help. There’s something you can do. There’s nothing I can do.

“We’ll keep moving forward and hope that we have some joy again,” his wife said.