Goodhue County hopes X marks end of pot culture prank

Goodhue County, Minn., has given up on replacing the sign for 420th Street.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin says from now on, the sign will read 42X Street and you can figure out what it means.

You see, stoners are stealing the 420 signs because it’s a reference to cannabis culture, and April 20 has become an unnamed cannabis holiday.

“We tried bolting them on and welding them on, and they’ll rip the whole post and everything out. We even put them in concrete, and they stole the concrete, too,” Goodhue County Engineer Greg Isakson tells the Post-Bulletin.

Spelling out Four Twenty didn’t work either.

“What we really wanted to do was just to change the name of (the street) to get the people who live out there to say, ‘Let’s just change it to Stone Quarry Road or Fred Street or something, but we couldn’t convince them,” he said.

Did you say, “stone,” sir?

It’s been awhile since 42Xth Street debuted. So far it’s worked.