A Scott Walker ‘burn’

Ryan Clancy got a lovely note from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in the mail today. Clancy’s business, Bounce Milwaukee, received a “best places to work” award from a business publication.


Bounce Milwaukee is a drop-in play area for kids. Clancy and his wife started the business, using some of the expertise he gained as a teacher in the Milwaukee public school system. He lost his job in budget cuts.

He’s no fan of Walker and posted a response on his Facebook page today.

Dear Mr. Scott,

On behalf of myself and my employees, we wanted to extend our sincere thanks to you for making this business possible. You and your team played a critical role in inspiring us to open our doors. As a former public school teacher, your legislation made abundantly clear how much you value the students and profession to which I had devoted my life. Had I not been stripped of my autonomy and respect as an educator, and had my school closed by budget cuts, I never would have decided to become a job creator, thereby earning the acknowledgement from our governor that I never saw after more than a decade of teaching.

I do work hard, though I work fewer hours than most of the dedicated teachers that you frequently demonize and undermine. I also work less hard than my wife, who owns more than half of the company and also did not receive commendation from you. On the up side, I have more time to devote to politics now, especially if you decide to pursue a third term as governor.

We won this accolade because we treat and compensate our employees fairly, and realize that they are responsible for our success. If you’d like to stop by, we’d be happy to show you that valuing employees (and people) is not only the right thing to do, but leads to growth, success, and respect.

Condolences on your failed presidential bid and lack of job creation.

Ryan Clancy
Bounce Milwaukee