On International Women’s Day, a look at the worst place to be born a woman

Want a little bit of inspiration? Then you want to watch today’s Google Doodle on this International Women’s Day.

Google visited 13 cities and asked 337 girls to finish the sentence, “One day I will… ”

The aspirations are fantastic. They also stand in sharp contrast to a segment on last night’s PBS NewsHour, which documented the practice of “honor killings.”

It’s the story, first told in the New York Times, of two Afghanistan kids who fell in love as teenagers. Great story? It would be except that their love was forbidden because of the Afghan custom of arranged marriages.

And she is a Sunni; he a Shiite.

Rod Nordland, the reporter who has since written the book, “The Lovers“, said the family that wanted their daughter killed had a great weapon: no one has ever been successfully prosecuted in Afghanistan for an honor killing.

One day, women in Afghanistan will fall in love and marry whom they want to. But this International Women’s Day is not that day.