#NoWomanEver exposes everyday misogyny

I was driving down West Seventh Street in St. Paul at rush hour — which is a nicer way of saying “I was stuck and going nowhere” — the other day when a guy in a sports car of some sort, top down, passed on the right and pulled up next to the woman at the stoplight and honked. She looked over and he offered a piece of paper…presumably a note with a phone number perhaps. She declined. He laughed and sped off.

I take as some comfort the fact that I, a man, am still shocked at stuff like this, just as I was yesterday while sitting on the patio at Afro Deli and watched a woman just try to walk down the plaza — just trying to walk — and being catcalled by men walking in the other direction.

We men can’t even begin to fathom how exhausting it must be just to get through the day as a woman.

That’s why the hashtag that’s trending on Twitter this week — #NoWomanEver — should be required reading by men, but probably won’t be.

It documents the harassment that women endure daily.

BuzzFeed says it started on Saturday when a 37-year-old Atlanta woman began posting the descriptions of street harassment. But it likely could’ve been any woman anywhere.

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