Internet delivers a lifetime of comfort to an autistic girl

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness:

A Utah woman posted on Facebook that her autistic daughter is fixated on a shirt and design that brings the 10-year-old comfort. As the daughter grows and as the shirt wears out, she buys a new version of the same shirt.

But the company that made the shirt for Target stopped making it four years ago.

If there’s anybody who can solve a problem, it’s the people of the Internet.

So people headed to Target to see if there were any at their local stores, they found some on E-Bay, and they had some that their children had outgrown.

In a couple of days, she had 161 versions of the shirt, the BBC reports.

She also got the attention of a certain Minneapolis-based company.

“Target is able to recreate the shirt and will be sending multiple sizes to Deborah so that Cami can enjoy it for many years to come,” a spokesperson told the BBC.

(h/t: Matt Black)