Metro Transit thrown for PR loss in Vikings stadium opener

Metro Transit had a big chance to show off with last night’s opening of the Minnesota Vikings stadium in Minneapolis via a soccer match.

It blew it.

One person tweeted after the game that it took an hour to get from the stadium stop to the West Bank Station. That’s one stop.

[edited to correct] While some fans waiting tweeted that Metro Transit was running two-car trains, Metro Transit said only two of 24 trains were two-car trains.

Metro Transit had tweeted before the game that the trains going to the event were packed.

Some good may come from the SNAFU. It gives transit proponents ammunition against politicians who argue there isn’t enough ridership to support additional state investment in transit.

Driving a car to games remains an option, of course. Parking lots in the area around the new stadium were charging $40.

Adam Duininck, the head of the Met Council, which runs Metro Transit, apologized for problem while noting that the system had the same problem when TCF Bank first opened.

“We’ll improve it ASAP,” he tweeted.

Pro-tip: Walk to the previous station (Government Plaza, in this case) to get on an eastbound train after a game.

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