All about Bovey

Back in the day — the ’90s — one of my favorite segments on MPR News was The Streets of Bovey, a segment on Morning Edition during which the late Terry Wilkey, the police chief, would read his police log. It started as a column in the local newspaper. There’s something comforting about a report that a business’ door was unlocked, so police locked it.

Because Bovey will always have a special place in the heart because of Chief Wilkey, I couldn’t be more thrilled to pass along news that the Gems of Itasca series has just dropped this conversation with Agnes Hromyak, Lorraine Andrews, Ethel Deal, Patricia Walls, and Meredith Jakovich, who describe the good life growing up in Bovey.

Bovey’s got character.

(h/t: Perfect Duluth Day)