The $5,000 tip

The Internet search is on for the San Francisco Giants fan who must be somebody, because he was wearing a World Series ring. Oh, and because he left a server in the bar outside Wrigley Field a tip for $5,000.

“I just couldn’t believe that one person could tip such a huge amount,” bartender Stephanie Rarick, 23, tells the Chicago Sun Times. “You never see anyone tip that well, ever.”

But there it was on the receipt, after the man bought booze for everyone in the bar.

Thanks Kathleen! #OleGiants #WrigleyField #SeeYouThursdayForGame5 #tipsforjesus #godbless

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The website, Eater, says it’s part of a campaign, “Tips for Jesus”, and the last time there was a “sighting” was in August when someone left a $5,000 tip at a Utah restaurant.

Rarick says she didn’t catch the guy’s name.

She split the money with the rest of the bartenders and servers.