Remembering Sningo

The four seasons in Minnesota are spring, summer, fall, and hyperbole.

The first winter storm is hitting the state today and the media world has team coverage to remind you that people are buying shovels, car mechanics have ideas for how to get ready, and kids are looking forward to sledding.

We’re not given to repeating Facebook memes and jokes, but we make an exception for the Meanwhile in Wisconsin account’s depiction of the absurdity of it all.


Yesterday, the Star Tribune’s Paul Douglas declared “Only in Minnesota” does the temperature drop from the ’60s to blizzard conditions in 36 hours. That assertion, of course, is absurd.

We so suspect, however, that Minnesota is the only place where the traffic slows to a crawl because of a weather forecast.

We’re reminded that the debut of NewsCut almost nine years ago was rushed into production because of a snowstorm. I wanted to debut Sningo!

It never gets old.

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And here’s the original Sningo, from the very first public NewsCut post, which I stupidly started filling in.

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