When planning a flight, add a little extra time for the disruptive passenger

If there’s a worse form of transportation than an airline flight these days, what is it?

There might be some modes that are slower, but the chances are it doesn’t come with the disruptive passenger, which has suddenly become as common on flights as the person who tries to shove a cello in the overhead bin.

Here are our latest contestants in the game.

Blake Adam Fleisig, 35, of Los Angeles, and Christine Anne Koosmann, 36, were on Delta flight 2565 to Los Angeles last night when they became disruptive. So the pilots turned back to Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport.

Delta issued this statement today:

“The flight crew of Delta 2565 from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Los Angeles elected to return to Minneapolis shortly after takeoff when two passengers refused to follow crew instructions, became aggressive and created a disruption in the cabin. The passengers were removed by local law enforcement. The flight re-departed without further incident. The safety of Delta customers and employees is our top priority.”

In November, Delta banned a passenger for life after he shouted about the election of Donald Trump.

That’s a tactic that should catch on, except that it will ruin life on Amtrak.