School rallies around autistic student turned away from formal dance

More from the “dress code” file:

In Pelham, N.H., a young man with autism was denied entry to the school’s semi-formal dance because he wore a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

There’s a good reason he did.

“Things that may feel soft or comfortable on our skin, for children like that can sometimes be physically painful to him,” said Michelle Bedard, Max Bedard’s mother tells a Boston TV station.

The school department says they gave Max a chance to return to school with a collared shirt.

“If he had said ‘Mom can you bring me a button down shirt?’ I would have brought him a shirt,” said Michelle Bedard. “I wouldn’t have let him suffer that humiliation.”

Students have rallied around Max. On Monday they wore sweatshirts to school, declaring it “#MaxItMonday”.