Canada cops mobilize air power to solve candy caper

Don’t steal candy from an amusement park near Toronto. The cops will go to DEFCON 1.

The CBC reports that some kids swiped the treats from a store in Canada’s Wonderland amusement park on Saturday.

The police used officers, a helicopter, thermal imaging cameras, and a police dog to track them down.

These kids definitely learned a lesson on that night,” Constable Andy Pattenden tells the CBC.

The teens had broken into a store in the closed park, the CBC says.

They weren’t charged but were, instead, released to the custody of their parents.

The Hamilton Spectator called the caper, “One part Italian Job, one part Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, one part Scooby Doo.”

Sadly, the chopper and the thermal imaging night cameras and the canine units and the expert tracking skills haven’t so far proved useful in nabbing the shooter who killed a man outside a banquet hall in Vaughan on March 31. Or the second armed-and-dangerous suspect (one is in custody) in the triple shooting outside a nightclub in Vaughan April 3.

Or the two suspects in the double shooting that killed a woman in Vaughan in mid-March. It seems some cases are harder to crack than a kid in a candy store pointed out by private security in an acres-wide deserted, fenced-in theme park.

But they caught the culprits in the Great Wonderland Candy Caper, so perhaps locals can rest easier knowing the fudge and funnel cakes on the GTA’s big midway are so well protected.