Big-dog photographer attacked by real-sized bovine

Christopher Cline, of Buffalo, Minn., the photographer who has become extremely popular because of his “big dog” photographs, looks in bad shape thanks to a cow.

Cline reports he was helping with a newborn calf on the farm when he was attacked by the calf’s mother.

Thursday evening I was helping with a newborn calf on the farm. I was handling the calf and her momma got extremely upset and trampled me. For what seemed an eternity, 1200 pounds of cow stomped me into the ground. She was on top of me before I could even realize what was happening. @dreaming_big_mn (Christine) and our neighbor were there also and they immediately jumped into action to save my life. Somehow I was able to escape and I ran for the closest fence and completely jumped over it and landed on my back. I wasn't yet able to to comprehend what had happened, but I knew it was absolutely terrible. Moments later the pain hit me and I started fading in and out of consciousness. She had stepped on many parts of me but she somehow missed my chest with her hooves. My head, arms, legs and face were all trampled extremely hard. I was taken into the trauma unit where the doctors do what they do best….they took very good care of me. After all of my scans came back the Dr. came back in and explained to me that I didn't even have one fracture or broken bone. He said not only was that a miracle, but also that I was still alive. I am home now and am in a tremendous amount of pain and I find every little bit of movement is excruciating. But I am alive and so very grateful to be so. I can honestly say that this was the single most terrifying experience of my life. I thought I was going to die. I really thought that those were going to be my last breaths of air. I'm still in shock and I still can't shake the feeling of fear. I will be posting Juji pics again soon, but more than likely I will be taking a couple days off from creating new pics. But… I was able to walk away from this and I now have an incredible story to tell. It really is a miracle. This could've been so much worse. @dreaming_big_mn is taking good care of me, and Juji is cuddling with me a lot. I'll see you all in just a couple of days.

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