Frampton comes alive with apology for Champlin woman

If this keeps up, I’m going to have to set up a category for “apologies for poor behavior,” which would now include Peter Frampton, who stormed off the stage at Treasure Island on Sunday.

Poor Sherry Tupa, of Champlin, Minn., was only doing what lots of fans of aging rockers do: holding an album up from the artist’s best days. It was Frampton Comes Alive. Of course it was Frampton Comes Alive. What other Peter Frampton album would anyone own? I’m in You? Please.

But a cameraman put her on the big video screen during a Frampton solo, the crowd hooted, and that ruined his moment, so he stormed off the stage.

Ms. Tupa was nothing but class, telling the Star Tribune, “We all have our less than stellar moments.”

By last night, Frampton showed some class too, the Strib reports today. He called Tupa.

He was “humble and sweet,” she said, inviting her to send his album to him for the autograph she wanted.

It would be best if he not notice the autograph she did get on Sunday. The camera man’s.