Theft of the Blog: Spooning

This Theft of the Blog (Details here) contribution comes from reader Brendan Kennealy.

I’m not sure if this is the kind of feel-good story your readers are looking for, but it certainly makes my wife and me feel good.

Jocelyn and I were married three weeks ago today. Yesterday, we received a wedding gift in the mail from our three “Public Radio Fairy Godmothers” – Jen Keavy, Ali Lozoff, and Julia Schrenkler — with an assist from The Splendid Table.

The gift? A thoughtful note and set of beautiful Williams Sonoma wooden spoons.

Now, why would a handful of kind and generous MPR folks send wooden spoons to a couple of sustaining members? Well that’s a long story full of failed cooking experiments, inflammatory tweets, and inside jokes; I won’t bore you. But the bottom line is that Jocelyn and I listen to MPR every day. We care about the work you do, we share what matters to us, and MPR, amazingly, listens right back. Even when I’m burning the spaghetti sauce.

I may never become a good cook, but I’ll always support MPR and the wonderful community your co-workers have helped create.