Racism and Southwest light rail in Hopkins

A Hopkins mayoral candidate says his opposition to the Southwest Corridor light rail project is because people from “Welfareapolis” will end up with the sons and daughters of Hopkins.

City Pages reports Bob Ivers made his comments at a League of Women Voters candidate forum on Monday.

“All the Chicago and Detroit riff-raff that’s moved into ‘Welfare-apolis,’ they’re going to get on that train. And you know where they’re going to end up? They’re going to end up down at the depot,” Ivers said. “And they’re going to end up with yours, and yours, and yours granddaughters, and daughters, and grandsons. And I predict within two months of that coming through here, there’s going to be a shooting down at that kid’s depot.”

If they build the “little yellow train that you’re all bravo about, you’re going to have all the ethnics you want,” he said.