The new Mozart

Of course, there are more important things than the beauty which Alma Deutscher is bestowing on the world, presently an ugly place in need of more beautiful art.

She’s 12 years old and was featured last night on CBS’ 60 Minutes broadcast, host Scott Pelley acknowledging that humankind doesn’t know enough about the brain to understand why she’s a virtuoso on the piano and the violin and why she’s been able to compose an opera and why she hears notes in her head the way the rest of us hear words.

In fact, she could read music before she could read words, The Telegraph says.

You’ll have a hard time today spending a better 12 minutes than this.

“I sent her some assignments when she was six, seven, where I expected her to crash and burn, because they were very difficult,” a music professor said. “It came back, it was like listening to a mid-18th century composer.”

Pick four notes out of a hat, and she can make something of it.

She’s been the subject of an hour-long documentary on the BBC.

She’s not an expert in everything, mind you. Her parents say she has trouble tying her shoes.