A young man waited on a street corner for his mother’s return… for three years

You look like you could use a reminder that what you hear on the news isn’t all there is to real life. So, here:

It’s the story of Victor Hubbard, who stood on a street corner of a Houston, Texas suburb for three years in case his mother came back. He has a mental illness.

He was homeless until a woman stopped to talk to him. She took him in.

His mother, as it turns out, lives only two miles away but can’t care for him.

Monday was the one-year anniversary of the day Ginger Sprouse invited him to stay with her family for the night.

Dean and I just realized that today was the anniversary of the first time we invited Victor in from the rain on his corner to be our guest for the night. Who knew one year later he would be part of the family. God always has bigger plans than we can imagine!

Posted by This is Victor on Monday, December 18, 2017