Tampons delivered to mayor’s home after sexism allegations

West St. Paul officials are being accused of alleged misogyny this week following a raucous debate over the nomination of three people — all of them women — to the city’s Planning Commission.

According to resident Kevin Hendricks, two of the nominees were confirmed by the City Council and one was rejected even though their qualifications were never discussed. In the past, the Council has deferred to the mayor on these types of appointments.

The discussion pitted a male city council member against Mayor Jenny Halverson, the city’s first female mayor, who had announced before the meeting she won’t seek the office again, while urging more women in West St. Paul to get involved in politics in the city.

“The thing about strong women… is they don’t slink into the background in situations like this,” Samantha Green, the rejected nominee posted on Facebook.

Now, the Pioneer Press reports, someone has delivered tampons and tissues to her home and Green’s home.

Police say the alleged incident doesn’t rise to a level of a crime.

A male member of the Planning Commission who wanted to be reappointed to the position, responded “I’m not sure where everybody’s coming up with this anti-women scenario none of this had anything to do with it being a woman or not.”