Prom-going seniors in Austin get advice from second graders

Second-graders can teach a lot to high school seniors about drinking.

Just ask the seniors at Austin High School in southern Minnesota who had their prom on Saturday night.

The Austin Daily Herald says as the high school kids finished their grand march, they were each handed a letter from a second-grader.

Each note asked the seniors to have fun but make good decisions and stay safe.

“I think the coolest thing I saw was students go around and share what their second-grader said,” Bill Spitzer, with the Austin Positive Action Coalition, tells the paper. “They were amazed someone so young would have so much of a kind word to say that they wanted them to be safe.”

“I don’t know if they fully understand the full scope that students look up to these older students. They watch what they do, they mimic their behaviors and decisions they make. There are a lot of eyes watching them,” he said.