Fergus Falls couple’s ‘gut feeling’ saved abducted woman

When’s the last time you got off the couch and joined in a search because the media carried yet another story about a missing woman?

Sunday is when Josh Steeves and his wife, Kellsey, of Pelican Rapids, Minn., decided they couldn’t just sit around, not with Amber Simonson of Fergus Falls, Minn., being missing.

They’re the reason she’s still alive, although Josh refuses to speculate to WDAY about it. No matter. History gives us a pretty good clue.

Josh says he had a “gut feeling” about the abduction of Amber so the couple decided to drive around and see if they could find something.

They did. They found the sexual predator who abducted her.

But on a stretch of highway 24, the two saw something that didn’t look right near an old farmhouse.

“I’ve always known it to be abandoned,” Josh says.

But this time, it wasn’t.

When the Steeves turned around to get a better look at the abandoned house, they saw something wasn’t right.

“We knew something was up when we got a good look. We turned around one more time and all we can think is we spooked him because he turned out onto the road,” recalls Kellsey.

A silver pickup, like the one they were supposed to be on the lookout for took off down the road.

The Steeves followed it, and called the Sheriff’s Office.

They kept relaying the truck’s location until the sheriff’s office took over. Not long after, Anthony Randklev was arrested.

Late Saturday night, he had reportedly dragged Amber out of her house.

(h/t: Paul Tosto)

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