Star Tribune’s social media producer dies at 27

If you read a tweet or a Facebook post from the Star Tribune, it probably came from Rachel Chazin, the newspaper’s social media producer.

Every tribute to her today centers around her laughter, which is the disturbing element of her read-between-the-lines obituary. She was only 27 when she died two weeks ago.

The poignant tribute to her in today’s Strib, wonderfully crafted by Jackie Crosby, focuses heavily on the things life should be all about: laughter.

Rachel Chazin had one of those laughs. Loud, open-mouthed and contagious, the kind that made people feel as if they were part of something special.

“It was common for her to laugh so hard, she would cry,” said Sarah Shibrowski, a high school friend and college roommate.

Crosby created the rare obituary that devastates the most casual reader who never met the departed, forcing us to draw others nearer, even those who are laughing.

We’re not going to know much more about her passing, nor do we need to in order to understand the magnitude of the loss and be gutted by the paradox surrounding her death.

Chazin’s last Twitter post came after Anthony Bourdain’s death early last month.

The tweet has now become a tribute wall to Chazin. And a damn good piece of advice.