The ’20s aren’t coming back: Pillsbury mansion to be demolished

When we moved here from the Colonies 26 years ago, we were intrigued by the pace at which the locals here go through houses. There aren’t that many new houses back east so the world tends to stay put.

That doesn’t happen here, particularly in the suburbs, of course. People seem to want the new homes and if they have to reset the mortgage every few years, it’s worth it. Churn city.

So we’re prepared for the irony of people tsk-tsking the coming demolition of the ginormous Pillsbury mansion on Lake Minnetonka. It’s been for sale for a decade and nobody wants it.

No question, it’s a historical marvel.

“It’s hard to find anybody who wants that grand old-time lifestyle. The people with money want the tech palace,” architectural historial Larry Millett tells the Star Tribune.

At one time it was the most expensive home in Minnesota. But now the land has been subdivided, and there’ve been no takers for the house. Down it must come.

People want new.

“The thing is, if you destroy all of these old houses you really are destroying our history. I mean, go and look at the new houses and tell me is that what you want to be looking at in 100 years?” said Debbie Lee from Edina, who was walking near the mansion when KSTP showed up for its story.

It’s hard to figure out who the bad person here that everyone seems to be aghast at. Everyone may not want to be looking at all the new houses, but everyone seems to be buying them.

Besides, there’s no need for house with a gazillion bedrooms and bathrooms, and a garage for the entire New York City taxi fleet.

There was no reason to deny the teardown permit. The building isn’t protected by being on a historic register.