Will America’s sexist workplace culture ever change?

The head of CBS has resigned following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Ronan Farrow authored a familiar story in the New Yorker, which preceded the announcement by hours.

Women blew the whistle on Les Moonves. Women paid for it with their careers. He may get a big payday from a corporation which ignored the allegations until it couldn’t anymore. Same old same old.

Jessica Pallingston, a writer, alleges that Moonves coerced her into performing oral sex on him when she worked as his temporary assistant, in the nineties, and that, after she repelled subsequent sexual advances, he became hostile, at one point calling her a “c***.”

“It’s completely disgusting,” she said of the reports of Moonves’s potential exit package. “He should take all that money and give it to an organization that helps survivors of sexual abuse.”

So it was awkward this morning when “CBS This Morning” host Nora O’Donnell had to address the issue. Fortunately, she’s had plenty of practice.

CBS Corp. said it “takes these allegations very seriously.” As with so many corporations, that’s a lie.