A Christmas concert in the deli

It was a year ago that the Christmas season delivered a big present to Guilherme Assunção, who was filmed singing a Christmas carol while he worked in a grocery store in Massachusetts.

He came to the United States a few years ago to pursue a singing career but had to drop out of college, where he was taking English classes, because it was too expensive.

After the internet did that internet thing with a viral video of his grocery store singing, Berklee College of Music asked him to audition, then accepted him. But it provided no financial assistance and you can’t come up with the $59,000 working in the deli section.

Let’s check in on him.

He raised enough money through a GoFundMe page. But he hasn’t forgotten his roots.

On Sunday, he returned to the market. To sing. And maybe sell a few copies of his CD to help pay for school.

Thank you to everyone who watched the concert at Russo’s today! We loved sharing the music with you. Here is a clip from the performance. We will post some more, too.

Posted by Russo's on Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sneak Peak of tomorrow’s Gilly and singers performances at Russo’s from noon-2pm.Gilly’s CD will be available for sale at Russo’s – all of the money goes to Gilly which he is using for tuition!

Posted by Russo's on Saturday, December 1, 2018

“This place changed my life last year,” Assuncao said. “It’s amazing to be back to do this, and it’s amazing to see how many people came to see, too.”

“We knew his life was going to change,” said Tony Russo, the market’s owner. “From that moment that he started to sing. It was just a beautiful moment. He’s a great talent and a great personality.”