Another theft of Baby Jesus

We have another theft of Jesus in Minnesota, people. Last week, someone stole a baby Jesus from the nativity scene in St. Cloud. Today, we learn the owners of the Cedar Rose Inn in Alexandria report someone stole theirs too.

Is there a caravan of Jesus stealers at work here?

“We know it wasn’t an animal,” Rose Gibson, who owns the bed and breakfast along with her husband, David Gibson, tells the Alexandria Echo Press. “It wasn’t a kid.”

Why Jesus and not, say, Mary or Joseph?

Gibson says they tried to take them, too, but they’re connected to electrical cords. Mary was found lying in the manger. Joseph was face down in the snow.

They didn’t report the theft to the cops; Gibson figured they’ve got more pressing matters to worry about than a stolen Jesus.

“At first we were very disheartened but in keeping with this joyous season of love and generosity, we decided not to despair,” the couple wrote in a letter ot the paper. “Evidently the person/persons responsible needs Jesus in their lives every day, as do all Christians.”