Texas takes a whack at history

The Texas State Board of Education has made its decision final on who belongs in a history curriculum.

Its good news for the WASPs, the four chaplains, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Hillary Clinton — all of whom were originally on the list of people to be removed from the curriculum. But John Hancock, Nathan Hale, Stonewall Jackson, and Estee Lauder are history… or not history.

The Board took the action in November but the finalized list wasn’t available until the Dallas Morning News printed much of it today.

Because its school system is so large, Texas holds a lot of sway when it comes to what ends up in the textbooks that other school systems elsewhere use.

Here’s who’s out:

Francis Scott Key
Richard Allen
John Hancock
Robert Fulton
Ellen Ochoa
John “Danny” Olivas
Juan de Oñate
Juliette Gordon Low
Maria Mitchell
Mary Kay Ash
Milton Hershey
Phillis Wheatley
Wallace Amos
Carlos Espalier
John Tower
José de Escandón
Juan Antonio Padilla
Sidney Sherman
Stanley Marcus
Vicente Filisola
Charles Pinckney
John Wise
Nathan Hale
Edwin W. Moore
Francis Lubbock
John Magruder
John Reagan
John Bell Hood
The Populists (lesson on “populism” was kept)
Thomas Green
Bernardo de Gálvez
Haym Salomon
James Monroe (lesson on “Monroe Doctrine” was kept)
John James Audubon
Stonewall Jackson
Estée Lauder
Lester Maddox
Lionel Sosa
Phyllis Schlafly
Robert Johnson
Barry Goldwater
Benjamin Rush
Charles Carroll
Clarence Darrow
Francis Willard
George Marshall
George Patton
Glenn Curtiss
Henry Cabot Lodge
John Witherspoon
John Peter Muhlenberg
Jonathan Trumbull, Sr.
Oprah Winfrey
William Jennings Bryan
Natan Sharansky
Oscar Romero
Colin Powell
Daniel Webster
Henry Clay
John C. Calhoun

Removing them from the curriculum doesn’t not ban teachers from teaching about them, the Morning News says.