When the story is you

Rarely is the list of top news stories of the year very enlightening, usually serving only to remind us that as we get older, our ability to retain information fades; as if that’s a bulletin.

If we were to ask people what their top “story” was for the year — one that they actually lived — it’s unlikely a bridge collapse, or the Iowa caucuses, or the subprime mortgage crisis would qualify. They’re big stories, of course. But were they really the biggest part of our lives? Maybe it was a vacation with the family, or the death of a close friend, or that time you spilled your whole tray of lunch at Cafe Latte (I’m always afraid of that and saw a guy do it last Thursday).

What was your personal “top story” of the year?

Here are some variations on the theme:

A couple of Mankato Free Press photographers discuss their favorite photographs of the year. Flash is required to view.

Likewise, MPR reporters have selected their most memorable stories of the year. These generally offer a good behind-the-scenes story.

Top censored news story of the year: Future of Internet debate ignored by media

Top awkward moment: The introduction of the president of Iran at Columbia

Top car commercial: Toyota (As selected by askmen.com)

Top Google search term: iPhone. Top Yahoo search term: Britney Spears

Top baby names in the UK: Jack and Grace

Top travel story: Passport hassles.

Top meal. – Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. At least for this restaurateur.

Top moment (TV): Did Tony Soprano die or not?

Top moment (Mountain climbing): This person’s. I don’t understand a word of it.

Top moment (baseball). Indians rally for comeback.OK, so it’s also my personal highlight of the year in any category.

Your turn. Tell me your personal highlight of the year. It’s got to be more interesting than the Iowa caucuses.