Absentee ballots

There were two developments on the recount front today.

First, the Franken campaign has posted a lengthy video on YouTube featuring interviews with people whose absentee ballots didn’t count.

Meanwhile, this afternoon the League of Women Voters, Common Cause, and Citizens for Election Integrity issued a joint press release calling on the State Canvassing Board to allow the absentee ballots.

The non-partisan Coalition believes Minnesota’s election officials are best suited to determine the mechanics to resolve this issue. It is imperative to the citizens of Minnesota that every legitimate vote is counted. Where a voter properly completed an absentee ballot, that vote should not be invalidated by operation or error of election officials.

We encourage the canvass board to speak with one voice and send a clear message to Minnesota voters that the purpose of the board is to ensure the integrity of this election. Partisan politics must not take priority over counting each and every legitimate vote.

Late last month the State Canvassing Board said voters whose votes didn’t count should take the issue to court. It may take up the issue again on Friday.