Your weekend


Now this looks like fun, even though I realize that many things that look like sit-back-and-enjoy-it fun are often a lot of work. This is Mark Kiefer, zipping along Lake Phalen recently. The “Fire and Ice” Ice Racing Competition is taking place this weekend, according to this story from MPR’s Toni Randolph.

It prompts me to issue one of my periodic requests for pictures showing how you’ve spent the weekend in the dead (perhaps that’s the wrong word!) of winter. It’ll be interesting to see how many are inside shots and how many are shot outside.

Use this form.

Lucie Amundsen of Duluth went for a walk today along Park Point in Duluth. I’ve played with the contrast for effect.


The temperature hit the 40s, making the snow snowmanmakeable for the first time in months. Sara Kimm of St. Paul sent us proof:


As did Matt Wells. The construction helmet might just get the snowman a share of the bailout funds.


Nathan Moore says he spent the afternoon trying to teach his three-year-old daughter to cross-country ski.


He says he failed. I think not… at least in the big scheme of things. When dealing with three-year-olds, as I recall, it’s all about the big scheme of things.


Find more pictures from Nathan on Flickr.