Souls crushed, Vikings fans pick up the pieces

If anything is certain after last night’s loss to the New Orleans Saints — besides the fact that Brett Favre shouldn’t have even thought about throwing that pass — it’s that we’ll be wondering about Favre’s employment status until August.

That will be cold comfort for Minnesota football fans. Sure, there’s still the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks, but you, Vikings fan, have been relegated to the role of impartial observer.

Bob’s still working his way back to News Cut Headquarters, but beyond that, Vikings fans, how are you doing today? Does life go on? Have you resigned to switching NFL allegiances, afraid to ever root for the purple and gold again?

Perhaps Vikings fans are destined to be the NFL’s version of the Chicago Cubs. It certainly feels like it on the day after a game that gave the team so many chances to put more points on the board.

So, will Emmett Pearson of rural Welch, Minn., ever get to shave? Pearson refuses to trim his beard until the Vikings win a Super Bowl, he told the Rochester Post-Bulletin.


(AP Photo/Rochester Post-Bulletin, Scott Jacobson)