Does this ad cross the line?

R.F. Moeller: Selling diamonds with a suicide joke is not cle... on Twitpic

Is this City Pages ad for a Twin Cities jewelry store offensive? It’s got the marketing community buzzing today.

The company also denying any responsibility, according to a statement posted on its Facebook page.

Thank you to everyone who commented on our recent City Pages Ad. We take your comments very seriously and are taking action because of them. This ad ran without prior viewing or approval by RF Moeller management and was created and published at City Pages by their writer and our spokesman, TD Mischke. Mr. Mischke would like to personally field any questions or concerns. His email address is If you email him directly, he will give you his phone number if you would like to speak with him about this advertisement.Thank you again – James Moeller

We haven’t had a good ad controversy since the infamous Target snow angel ad: