Farming 101

Not all kids are leaving the family farm.

The Minnesota Daily today profiles Erin and Luke Daninger of Forest Lake. Erin is up for a national award at the Future Farmers of America national convention in Indianapolis, though it’s pretty clear she’s a “present” farmer too.

Erin’s supervised experience came from her dairy farm at her parent’s home in Forest Lake, Minn. The farm has been in the Daninger family since 1902, and has about 60 Holstein dairy cows on about 250 acres.

But this is the sweet part…

Erin and Luke took it upon themselves to buy their parents a ticket to the national convention as an anniversary gift. They even went so far as to find someone to take care of the cows while they’re gone.

A couple of my colleagues are in Indianapolis as part of MPR’s Public Insight Network effort, and snapped these pictures of the kids answering why they’re in the FFA. You’ll love these. Trust me.

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