Climate, Wisconsin style

These last few weeks have not been a particularly good time to discuss climate change — although I do note that it’s December 30th and it’s raining out there — but the Web site Climate Wisconsin is providing some fabulous reminders about how much our culture is linked with the weather. Sure, there’s the usual political debate to be had, but let’s face it: few people are going to give an inch right now on what they believe.

So maybe we should just back up a little bit first and assess this culture of ours, and maybe get back to the question of whether the climate is changing, and so what if it is, and save the why for a bit later.

Here’s the Climate Wisconsin website, which culminates a project that started last February. Check out the videos; they are really quite fascinating. Here’s one:

Great Lakes Shipping | Climate Wisconsin from ECB on Vimeo.

I’m not opening up comments on this one. Go spend some time exploring the site, then come back and we can talk about it later.

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