A good morning at the falls


After a big rain, there’s nothing like a visit to Minnehaha Falls to start the day.

It was a relief when the car started this morning. Last evening I was out until around 9, and then tried to drive through the storm to my house in south Minneapolis. I had no idea what I was getting into.

Those well-meaning media types make it sound easy when they say we shouldn’t drive into standing water. That advice doesn’t help much when the entire street is water. A smarter person would have just pulled over, but that smarter person was not driving my car, and I plowed on, thinking higher ground was just across the next intersection.

Across the next intersection was just more water.

By the time I neared my house, the bow wave in front of my bumper was coming over the hood. A half-foot of water was geysering up from the manhole covers. The alley was flooded as well, but I made it to my driveway, where the water was only an inch deep.

The current bent my license plate. Jiminy.