Life in the small town

In Abington, Massachusetts, the typical local school committee agenda reads: (I) Pledge of Allegiance (II) Magic trick and (III) New business.

Chairman Russell W. Fitzgerald usually starts the meetings with magic tricks like this one at last month’s meeting:

But, alas, the tradition ended this week when Fitzgerald performed a trick, broadcast live on the local cable access channel, that appeared to remove the bra of another school committee member.

The handkerchief trick needed three participants. Fitzgerald picked Shannon and Killian, both of whom played along as Fitzgerald tied the two handkerchiefs into a knot and gave one end to Shannon. He then instructed Killian to hold the knot tightly against her chest.

Both men then pulled on their end of the handkerchief and out from under Killian’s folded arms popped a bra tied to the handkerchiefs.

Fewer than 10 people sat in the audience. Four school committee members sat at the meeting table with the superintendent and the high school student representative. Two other school officials sat at another table.

No one in the meeting room at town hall laughed or made a comment about the trick.