An event to make you long for the dead of winter

An announcement today that could make you turn off the weather forecasters who make cold and snow sound like a bad thing…

This is coming to Saint Paul. and Duluth…

Red Bull – Crashed Ice from Boogie Studio on Vimeo.

It’s called crashed ice. The Red Bull-sponsored event will consist of seven “qualifying events” in the U.S., with Saint Paul hosting the event from January 12-14.

It actually could live up to the press release hype:

With four athletes duking it out shoulder-to-shoulder down an intimidating and treacherous icicle in full ice cross downhill gear, the combatants will race up to 40 miles an hour down steep ice canals dotted with jumps, rollers, obstacles, banked corners and hairpin bends – until the first two cross the finish line and advance to the next round. This bracketed madness will continue until the final chapter when the four remaining competitors race to the bottom to crown the champ. Speed, agility, perseverance, toughness and courage are the ingredients needed for success

A “politicians pro-am division” would be cool…

The course will be set up near the Cathedral of Saint Paul.

(h/t: Ali Lozoff)