More Super Bowl ads

You just can’t keep secrets in the ad business anymore.

More Super Bowl ads are being “unmasked,” before they can generate any buzz next Sunday.

Last week a web site released the details of the “Ferris Bueller” ad for Honda. So Honda released it over the weekend, including an “extended version.”

Ad Week’s Ad Freak blog also reveals that Elton John and Regis Philbin will be teaming up for a Pepsi ad:

Elton John and Regis Philbin. John, 64, will appear with Amaro in the 60-second Pepsi spot, while Philbin, 80, will anchor a 30-second spot for PepsiMAX. The Pepsi :60 is described as “a rock-fantasy version of medieval times” with Amaro performing her own version of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.” She sings “in front of a ‘royal court of rock,’ including Elton John’s character, the King. The ad establishes Pepsi as the brand for people who are not afraid to take a chance, raise their voice and give it their all. It also highlights the fact that Pepsi has an irresistible taste worth challenging a king for. With epic Pepsi scale and a big dose of humor, the commercial ends with a twist and the tagline, “Where there’s Pepsi, there’s music.” Pepsi fans who Shazam the spot during the game will see Amaro’s accompanying music video. There’s less info on the PepsiMAX ad. Presumably Philbin won’t be singing. It will be interesting to see how Coca-Cola’s bears, who’ll be watching the game in real time, react to the Pepsi work. Active heckling, or stone-faced boredom? Behind-the-scenes footage from the Pepsi :60 is posted below.

Here are the details of the Coca Cola bears…

At this rate, we’ll be denied the joy of surprise that comes with Betty White getting tackled in a football game or Roseanne Barr getting destroyed by a log.

By this time next week, the only thing we may have to talk about is the game.

Update 5pm Monday 1/30/12 – And another: