Is it time for you to move?

Why do you live where you live?

A friend of mine who has a difficult time ending relationships tends to convince himself he needs a new job on the other side of the country as his relationships sour. He’s more of a free spirit and leaves a lot more to luck than most people I’ve met, but a lot of us end up chasing jobs, lovers or our dreams when we decide to move and a lot is left to a gut feeling on what is the best place for you.

Upwardly Mobile is a new app that can replace a bit of that gut feeling with some cold hard data. The Sunlight Foundation created the app to factor various economic factors including average salary for your profession, cost of food, gas, housing and other quality of life factors. A move for love, family or a dream job aren’t factored in.


Take the survey and compare what is important to you. Would you be better off living somewhere else?

Michael Olson