1,000 words: The sentry

This picture, from the First Army Division’s Facebook page, is making its way across the Internet today, and well it should. Soldiers continue to stand guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

What makes the image particularly poignant is the individual soldiers from the Army’s 3rd Infantry Regiment do not have to. During inclement weather, they’re allowed to stand under a tent that’s used during wreath-laying ceremonies. And if things get really bad, they’re allowed to guard from inside, as long as they have line of sight of the tomb.


Update: Pity. The picture does not appear to have been taken today. it was taken during a rainstorm in September (Note by the rain that the wind here is from the southeast. The hurricane winds in DC today are from the northwest). We presume, however, that the soldiers are in place today, too.

Update – Here’s one that is definitely from today. (h/t: J.P. Rennquist)