There’s a new Minnesota Twins music director (yes, that is a real job)

From MPR News editor Bill Wareham:

The Minnesota Twins have changed musical directors, according to the Gimme Noise blog.

A fellow named Dan Edwards, who’s been doing the job for a couple years, is being replaced by Tim Miller, who apparently performs the same duties for the Minnesota Timberwolves.


Fans erupted after a Orlando Hudson home run at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minn. Thursday, October 7, 2010. MPR photo/Jeffrey Thompson

That such a job actually exists is a source of bemusement, but hardly a shock. Musical interludes at the ballpark have a long tradition, and the hop from organ ditties to DJ’d tunes isn’t that huge, really.

I love baseball and I love music, but it’s not a job I’d want. From my observations, the game attracts a pretty wide demographic when it comes to musical tastes and I’d rather face a Mariano Rivera fastball than try to please that crowd.

ESPN surveyed stadium songs last year. “[M]ost of them are awful,” musician Riley Breckenridge offered in a response at Baseball Prospectus.

How would you try to please all the people all the time, musically, at the ballpark?