A ‘win’ for the 4H kid

You can go an entire lifetime without saving someone’s life.

A young man named Delbert Willert of Lake Benton didn’t go more than a few years.

An employee of the Hendricks Farmers Elevator fell into a grain bin this morning, according to Steve Hemmingsen, who writes the newsletter in town.

Typically, if you fall into a grain bin, you can be completely immobile in five seconds, a six-foot-tall person could be submerged and suffocate in as little as 22 seconds.

The man made it out without serious injury.

Hemmingsen says Willert’s 4H project last year is the reason why. “He made it his project to buy grain bin rescue tubes and provide training for all of the elevators in Lincoln County,” he said.

The Hendricks elevator was one of them.

It works like this…