Where do you get your news?

Republicans are more likely to get most of their news from TV.  Democrats favor newspapers. That’s one of the fascinating findings of a new Gallup survey detailing how Americans get their news.

Fox News, no doubt, has a lot to do with TV’s dominance as a Republican news source.  Gallup writes:

“No other television, print, or online news source generates as much loyalty from either Democrats or independents. The closest is CNN, named by 10% of Democrats, 6% of independents, and 4% of Republicans.”

Political animals seek their echo chambers of choice.


TV’s power can’t be denied. It’s the news source of choice for all age groups surveyed.


For radio old-timers, the revelation that younger people don’t seem to turn to the medium for information isn’t surprising. But the fact older people don’t anymore is.

NPR, though, gets more than its share of respect in the survey. One percent of those surveyed say it’s their source of news. Two newspapers — the New York Times and Wall Street Journal — were the only print media to get one percent.


Twitter gets well-deserved respect for its ability to convey news. But a challenge to the society presents itself in the number of people who get their news via Facebook, a platform that has only a passing relationship with accuracy when it comes to dispensing information.