Vietnam War finally ends for an old man

The war in Vietnam only ended this week for Ho Van Thanh, when officials carried the 82-year old man and his son from the tree house they’ve called home for more than 40 years.

Ho Van Thanh is tied to his bed because his family fears he'll try to return to the forest of Vietnam.

While fighting for North Vietnam, he ran into the woods with his then-infant son, Ho Van Lang, after a bomb exploded near his home, killing his wife and two other children, the newspaper Dan Tri reported. That was 1973.

He apparently has been there ever since, living in a tree house, with no contact with the “outside world.” His son is now 42 and doesn’t speak any language, never having heard more than a few words.

The infant who was taken into the woods of Vietnam is now 42 (From Dan Tri newspaper/Vietnam)

(h/t: Mike Reszler)